Damon- young Astarian aristocrat

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Damon- young Astarian aristocrat

Post  Tara on Mon Sep 15, 2008 8:03 pm

Damonn hated his life. He was a member of high aristocracy in Astaria, but that did not please him at all. His days were spent with endless tutoring, and Damon thought it was all rather boring. His father wanted him to grow up and take over the family business of managing trades, which Damon thought was a horrid idea. He would be very ill-suited to the job, even though he could handle it for a while, he would probably botch everything up trying to liven up the place. No, what Damon longed for was adventure, and the thought struck him to run away as he was sitting in the manor courtyard, sitting by the fountain while catching some afternoon sun.

"I should go off and have an adventure," he thought. "I could rescue a magical princess and become a king instead of having to take over father's boring job. I could slay monsters, and have a grand old time, living off in the wild like real heroes do!" With that thought in mind, he decided to sneak out of the manor that night, and have himself a grand old time.

Damon left after dark, when the servants were having their supper so no one would see him. He packed only what he needed; his special dagger, a few packs of crackers, a piece of flint, a fishing pole and some extra clothes. Walking off n to the woods, Damon thought that his life of adventure was ready to begin, and he was only too right. About two hours later, he was cold and tired. He would have to stay the night somewhere.

He found a nice big tree, and hauled himself up the branches, one by one. He managed to find a good spot to tie his cloak, and make a hammock out of it, high above the forest floor to protect himself from animals. Damon hung his pack from a branch beside him and settled in for the night, wondering if his father's men would ever find him, and what kind of adventure lay ahead of him.

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Laya ???+anima

Post  Kaaya on Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:35 pm

Laya was about to sleep for the night. She had found a tree, and had shimmied up it with the skills of years of practice. However, she didn't have any practice for this. A young boy, (a runaway, by the looks of it) came by HER tree and started to climb it. Did he KNOW he was climbing up the tree of a wanted person? Normally she would scare people off with her +anima form then switch to a new home, but this boy looked quite innocent. As he climbed to a branch only several meters below hers and stretched out a hammok, she realized that he honestly didn't know she was up there. As he closed his eyes, she shook her head, dark brown curls waving in the wind. She just couldn't scare him off, not when he didn't even know she was there. Laya settled on her branch. I'll just wait it out till he leaves in the morning...

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